The search for greener pasture: Is that the main reason why people want to become a travel nurse?

by Cesar E. Larrainza in Nursing 20/04/2017 0 comments

The above question has been asked several times by pundits. And it is not surprising that some individuals think many people want a career in travel nursing just to have the rare opportunity to work and live in big states like California, New York, Florida, North Carolina, or Ohio. After all, the demand for travel nurses in these regions is very high. More attractive is that these five states are lands of tremendous opportunities where anyone can make it big overnight.

Nonetheless, some believe that people want to study travel nursing because of the limited supply of nurses in health care institutions. Such potential staff believes they can help the world become a better place by becoming a travel nurse and by helping hospitals to meet patient needs. Even though the latter reason seems altruistic, there is more to the reason why many people want a career in travel nursing than meets the eye.

So, why do many people want to become a travel nurse? According to our findings, here are some of the reasons why a vast majority of people want to become a travel nurse:

Better Pay

Almost everyone wants to earn fat wages. We all want to drive the best cars, live in the most expensive homes, and use the latest smartphones in the marketplace. People who aspire a career in travel nursing are not an exception in this regard. Findings show that travel nurses earn huge hourly pay. According to Business Insider, nursing is the 15th highest paid profession in the U.S. This is further confirmed

by an agency that offers for travel nursing jobs. And due to the attractive remuneration of travel nurses, most people are motivated to become a travel nurse in order to earn better pay. They are also enchanted to this profession because travel nurses are compensated with competitive wages and other fringe benefits, including well-furnished houses, house allowances, health insurance, and other bonuses.

Experience of New Location

Some people want to become a travel nurse just to have a feel of being an Indiana Jones. They want a life full of adventure. They want to explore the world, from east to west, north to south. And one profession that can offer them such lifestyle is travel nursing. Travel nurses are generally expected to travel and change location frequently. This gives travel nurses the luxury to go to different parts of the world, meeting new people, learning new cultures, and savoring the ambiance of their new-found environment.

Professional Development

Some individuals just want to boost their portfolio and expand their knowledge. As such, they believe that a career in travel nursing is what can help them to achieve this dream. They are right anyway. Travel nursing jobs help nurses to broaden their skill set and learn new techniques on how to provide healthcare. They also offer them the opportunity to get to interact with people from different backgrounds.

Freedom and Flexibility

Let’s admit it. Humans generally like freedom. Nobody wants to be bullied or boss around by any employer. And that is why some people want this profession so badly. Unlike many professionals, travel nurses enjoy unrivaled freedom and flexibility to decide where and when to work. They are also given time off work to attend to personal, family or social issues from time to time. As such, many people

believe that a career in travel nursing will give them the time to take up new skills, have time for family and friends, and explore other interests and hobbies.

Avoid Workplace Politics

Politics has been incredibly dirty in recent times. This is very evident in the last year US presidential election. Perhaps that’s why some individuals do not like been involved in workplace politics or management issues. These people prefer doing just one thing: meeting the needs of patients. Hence, they believe that a career in travel nursing will make them immune to any managerial issues and office politics.

Bottom Line

As you can see from the points mentioned above, the primary reason why many people want to become a travel nurse is that they are searching for greener pastures. They want to live and work in a region where they can earn better pay, meet new people, develop their skills, and above all, have time for their families and hobbies. So, if you are considering a profession that will guarantee you at least $80,000 per annum, job security, housing allowances and other mouth-watering perks, we think a career in travel nursing is what you need.

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