How to Write an Effective Cover Letter

by Cesar E. Larrainza in Cover Letters 05/10/2016 0 comments

Remember, the first thing a recruiter sees even before reading your resume is your cover letter. Your cover letter should create the desire on the part of the recruiter to read your resume. In fact, it speaks a lot about your professionalism. And if your cover letter is poorly written, you may never get a second chance to make a first great impression in the mind of an employer.

The good news is that writing a cover letter is a skill that is not hard to master. Prioritizing what you write sets the hook, and it leads the recruiter to read your resume because you may be the right person for the job.

The following are helpful tips and tricks that will ensure your cover letter has the desired effect on your employers:

  • Formatting: This is essential to your success. Please use the formats accepted by a particular industry in Microsoft Word and choose easily read fonts such as Calibri or New Times Roman for the body of your letter. The easier your cover letter can be read, the more likely the recruiter will read it and perhaps offer you the job.
  • Length: A lengthy content tends to irritate employers. In general, the length of cover letters is never more than one page, and you can use Microsoft templates cover letter to make your writing process a little easier. Please also remember to include your contact information in your cover letter. Put simply, anything professional you can do to make it easier for the recruiter to understand your cover letter should be done.
  • Simple Words: Whenever possible, use some terminologies found in the job description you are applying for in your cover letter. Remember, human resource professionals tend to put round pegs in round holes and square pegs in square holes. It only makes sense that your language is similar to theirs. Doing this would let the recruiter know that you are the perfect match for their vacant position.
  • Position Number and Job Title: The position number and job title should be included in your cover letter in order to remove any doubt as to what position you are applying for. Also, be sure to include where you saw the job opening for the company because these are essential parts of your letter.
  • Sell Yourself: If you want to market yourself successfully, you have to craft your cover letter in terms of how your skill set is a perfect match for the job position. Just be yourself while doing this. There should be a balance, however, between being too informal and being overly formal. When in doubt, it is best to err on the side of formality since being too informal suggests that you might not be taking the application process very seriously.
  • Content: This is your chance to convince your employer why you are the ideal candidate for the job. So, let your enthusiasm and passion shine through your content so that the recruiter will understand that you’re are really interested in the vacant position. Turnover is always at the back of a recruiters minds in the selection process, so you want to convey in no uncertain terms that you are a long-term prospect. Write clearly, proofread your letter, and make sure you have said all what you need to say in a way that creates the desire for recruiters to hire you.

In conclusion, writing an effective cover letter is nothing to be afraid of. Use a template and the fonts required by the company to ensure that employers read your letter. Keeping it brief and simple, using languages found in the job description and putting the position number and job title on the letter, will make it easier for recruiters to read your cover letter. Also important, don’t forget to craft your cover letter in terms of what the company wants when you sell yourself as this is your main chance to convince them to employ you. We hope that you have learned a lot of tips from this article as our mission is to help you get your preferred job as well as the one that will make you feel fulfilled.

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