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Writing a resume is a breeze. However, writing a resume that can impress and convince recruiters and hiring managers about your credibility in handling the sought-after position is a real challenge. To help lighten the burden, we have listed below some tips on how to create an effective resume that will meet the needs of your employers. To learn about resume layout and format, see some resume examples.

First, have a clear objective in mind. Before writing your resume, you should first focus on the job objective. Clearly state what position you are applying for – whether it is for an internship, a part-time or a full-time job. You may also include any skill or industry you want to emphasize. Just add something that is greatly relevant to the position. Avoid using ambiguous phrases and make sure that everything included in your resume is in line with your objectives.

Proper Resume Templates: Catch HR’s Attention at Their First Glance.

Regardless of how well-written your resume is, hiring managers will rarely read it thoroughly right after your submission. Generally, they will just scan it for about 25 seconds. So, make sure that within that “25 seconds,” the HR had already spotted the highlights of your resume. To increase readability, you can use logical format, clear and clean headings, wide margins, selective italic and bold typeface, and bullet points.




Job Description Matters, and So Does Your Accomplishments.

Hiring managers, specifically in the technical fields, are looking for candidates who can help them meet the needs of their company or solve a particular problem. Subsequently, you cannot convince them that you can help them to resolve their problem if they do not have any clue of whether or not you have already dealt with similar problems.  So, when writing your resume, give more emphasis on your accomplishments rather than on the job description. But the accomplishment needs to be exclusive to you and not on something you just encounter while reading resume examples.

Market Yourself.

Be a good spokesperson for yourself. Review your resume and put yourself in the shoe of the hiring manager. Ask yourself if, in case you are the hiring manager, will you consider or get impressed by your resume. Be honest about it. Just refrain from telling yourself some pretty good white lies. Such gimmicks won’t help you at all. Basically, a good marketing strategy starts with a good description of your skills. So, include skills that are relevant to your objectives. Your interpersonal and adaptive skills such as writing research, leadership, teamwork and good communication skills can also give you additional advantage.

Be Meticulous with Resume Templates and Formatting.

Some huge organizations who receive hundreds, if not thousands, of resume, typically use special machines such as Application Tracking System (ATS) to filter applications in a fast and easy manner. To ensure that your application will pass the ATS review, learn some of the tricks and tips about optimizing your resume for ATS. Mostly, this will give you some hints and tips about proper formatting and the resume templates to avoid.

If you really want to land a job, you need to work first on your resume. We hope that the steps mentioned above will help you craft an effective resume that will get you an interview very soon.

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