How to Prioritize Your Resume Content

by Cesar E. Larrainza 28/09/2016 0 comments

Sometimes employers’ task is to find the best potential candidates that match their vacant position. What they are really looking for is to find a talented prospect that can meet the needs of their open position. To get a job in the labor market, you need to prioritize your resume in such a way that […]

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How to Quantify Your Work Accomplishments

by Cesar E. Larrainza 21/09/2016 0 comments

Do you want to stand out among other job applicants and easily land a job on the final interview? If so, why not improve your resume templates? Your resume should not be the list of the daily responsibilities for the career you held; rather, it should highlight the quantifiable achievements you have made so far. […]

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Ways to Optimize Your Resume for Applicant Tracking System

by Cesar E. Larrainza 14/09/2016 0 comments

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) refers to the computerized system utilized by organizations to handle the voluminous number of applications/resume they receive. This system itself will read an applicant’s resume, not that of the hiring manager. After reading the resume, ATS will eventually rank, match, and score the applicant’s qualification based on the job description. And […]

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Effective Resume Writing

by Cesar E. Larrainza 07/09/2016 0 comments

Writing a resume is a breeze. However, writing a resume that can impress and convince recruiters and hiring managers about your credibility in handling the sought-after position is a real challenge. To help lighten the burden, we have listed below some tips on how to create an effective resume that will meet the needs of […]

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Effective Resume Writing for Nurses

by Cesar E. Larrainza 31/08/2016 0 comments

Nursing is a highly-competitive field where tens of thousands of nurses are constantly competing for jobs. There are presently hundreds of health care organizations across the country seeking skilled nurses for vacant positions, so you would think that merely applying for a job would be enough to get it. To cut the long story short, […]

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