3 Reasons Why Veterans Need to Work in the Healthcare Industry

by Cesar E. Larrainza in Veterans 01/09/2016 0 comments

If there are any life-changing decisions that many U.S. veterans struggle to make after leaving service, then one of those decisions must be about making a new career choice. Yes, a vast majority of returning troops find it difficult to – entertain the thoughts of starting all over again without their military uniform – imagine a kind of world where they will be looking for jobs, food, shelter, or health protection as civilians. To them, starting a new career outside the military is like telling an adult to learn how to crawl again.

Worse, some of them don’t even know how they can help the society apart from wielding weapons to kill those whom the U.S. government considers as national threats. A report released by the Institute for Veterans and Military Families also notes that some veterans arbitrarily chose to work in any fields without having prior knowledge about the jobs. These uninformed decisions have led a number of veterans to quit their occupations, forcing them to start hunting for another work that will match their profile. For them not to repeat the same mistakes again, we will explain the three reasons why veterans need to consider the healthcare industry as a viable place to fulfill their career goals.

Good Salary: Are you a veteran? Do you want to be financially independent? Or do you want to work in an environment where the amount of work you do is commensurate with your remuneration? If so, the medical fields will be a great fit for you.

Here is why. According to the Census Bureau’s 2015 report, the average annual income of male veterans is $37,307 and that for female veterans is $31,810. As you can see, this median income is apparently low to make ends meet in states like California, New York, or Maryland. However, if you work in the healthcare industry, you don’t need to worry about receiving that annual pittance simply because you will earn more than the average annual wage of veterans. Although getting a high salary in the health sector depends on your years of experience, skills, and academic qualifications, you will still earn above $50,000 per year if you work in that field. This is because the average annual wage of health technicians and healthcare p
ractitioners in May 2015, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, is $62, 610. In sum, you are financially covered if you work in any hospital in the U.S. For more information about which medical occupation is more lucrative, click h
or click this web page.

Job stability: The U.S. presidential election is already knocking at our door. And only God knows whether the winner – either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump – will further reduce the unemployment rate or4 not. So, if you ar
e the type of person who hates uncertainty or job instability, the medical fields will be perfect for you. The reason is that currently, the healthcare industry has less staff that can meet the ever-growing U.S. population. Put simply, the demand of patients is more that the supply of medical staff. Moreover, the Bureau of Labor Statistics points out that the job outlook of medical occupations
is more positive than other types of jobs as the healthcare services are expected to expand by 17% from 2014 to 2024. All in all, you will hardly lose your job if you are in the medical sector.

Avenue to help patients: Today, the U.S. media is awash with horrendous health news about people dying every day of one ailment or the other. Don’t you think you can help them with your skills? Of course, you can. After all, veterans are known worldwide for their resilience, diligence, and tenacity to succeed in the face of overwhelming challenges. The medical world is looking for people like you with such rarefied work ethics. Besides, working in the health sector will give you another opportunity to help your colleagues who are suffering from PTSD or other health challenges.

To sum it up, if you are a veteran who wants a job that guarantees both financial security and job security, the medical fields will not disappoint you. And if you are the empathetic veteran who loves caring for others, the healthcare industry is another good option for you. Regardless of whether you would like to work in the healthcare sector or not, we wish you the best as you follow the career path that will make you fulfilled as a veteran.

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